Hi guys!

I promised I’d be more active on here and I failed dramatically. A lot has happened since my last article and I never found the time to write, but I’m still here and this time I will do my best to write one article a week (how many times have I said this already?)

Anyways, here’s the thing: I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and am attending Napier University to study English and Film! Exciting, right? So between packing, saying goodbye to my friends, arriving, getting settled into my new home, attending my first lectures, meeting new people, going out almost every night because Fresher’s Week, exploring the city, and so on, I never found the time to sit down and write. Now that I’ve been here for a bit and am slowly but surely getting adapted to this new life, I finally have the time to get back to blogging.

I will try to get this blog fully updated by this weekend. So expect a few new articles in the next three days where I will talk about my last weeks in Belgium and getting settled down in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh. Oh and also, the song of the week and a Bulgur salad recipe!

Stay tuned,




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