Hi guys!

I apologise for being so inactive. I have tried multiple times to write on here and I do actually have quite a few articles in the making (which I will post as soon as possible) but for some reason I have not been able to finish/perfect/post/ any of them. Just so you know, I am still alive and I am still using this blog, it has just been a crazy couple of months (as per). So this is a quick update letting you know that I have returned to Edinburgh almost three months ago now for my second year of English and Film, and I’m okay.

The main reasons for my absence are because I have been quite busy with university work, dance (I got accepted into the university’s jazz/contemporary AND hip-hop competition troupes), and just with life in general. We’ve moved into a new flat and experienced quite some difficulties at the beginning which was stressful, I’ve also been working on my mental wellbeing and my relationships here which hasn’t always been easy; basically, I’ve been trying to be a healthy adult and that is really why I haven’t found much time to sit down and write for this blog. Also, my good friend Steffi Buchler has just created a lifestyle blog called Herland Magazine  and has asked me to be a guest writer for it. You should all go check it out!

Anyways, tonight is Napier dance’s annual fundraiser Strictly Come Dancing which I’ve been working on (and stressed about) for the past month. Once that is done I promise I will do my best to finally concentrate on this blog again.

Stay tuned,





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