My name is Marion, I’m 21 years old and I was born and raised in the small kingdom of Belgium. When I was 18 I did an AFS exchange year in Maine, USA, which was the main reason for starting this blog. Right now I am studying English and Film at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, and am still active on here as I really enjoy it. These days I mostly write about veganism, travels, and my (mental) health.

I do 10 minutes of yoga every day and drink wine like a connoisseur to pretend like I’ve got my life together. Feminist rants and TV shows with LGBT+ characters are kinda my thing, oh and I take my zodiac sign (cancer) and MBTI personality type (ESFP) a bit too seriously.

Due to laziness and lack of creativity, this is where my bio stops, but if you read my blog you’ll get to know me better through my writing/experiences/thoughts/…

Social media:

Instagram: @CherieDiamonds

Twitter: @CherieDiamonds_

Tumblr: http://stellapulverem.tumblr.com


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