As mentioned in my previous article I spent a week in the province of Quebec in Canada during the month of July. The main reason we went to Canada was to visit family, but that didn’t stop us from going around and enjoying this beautiful place as best as we could. As we had already been to Montreal a few years ago, this time we only spent two days in the actual city and the rest of the week we did more nature-related activities in the surrounding area. Even though we didn’t spend that much time in the city and mostly made our own food at home, I was still able to drag my two meat-eating parents to a couple of vegan places during our stay.


This is a chain restaurant offering delicious organic and local vegan food. There are five of them in the city, but we went to the one on Chemin Queen Mary. It has a very nice staff and lovely white and green interior with lost of plants (which is aways a win). As that one was very close to where we were staying, we went multiple times and I had the chance to try out different things. My favourites: BBQ tofu pita and the baloo berry smoothie.



This is a vegetarian restaurant situated in the Mile End who also offers quite a few vegan dishes. It’s quite small but has such a great atmosphere. The woman who served us (and who may or may not have been the owner) was the kindest human being and you could tell she really loved what she was doing. For some reason I can’t seem to remember which burger I had, and to be completely honest it’s probably because it didn’t really stand out from everything else I ate that week. However, my father ordered the vegan pad thai and loved it! They also had a lot of coffees/teas/milkshakes which I unfortunately wasn’t able to try, but they definitely looked delicious.



If I find the courage I may write an article on everything that we did whilst in Quebec, but for now I hope you already enjoy this one!