Hallo allerseits! I have just returned from a pretty crazy week in Berlin where I spent New Years with a few friends from university. This was my third time to Germany’s capital, but the first time being overage and without any adult supervision. Unfortunately, I managed to sprain my ankle on January 2nd (2017 is going GREAT) and […]


Bonjour! As mentioned in my previous article I spent a week in the province of Quebec in Canada during the month of July. The main reason we went to Canada was to visit family, but that didn’t stop us from going around and enjoying this beautiful place as best as we could. As we had already been to Montreal […]


**DISCLAIMER** This is an article about my experiences, thoughts and feelings when it comes to traveling and leaving places behind. It is not an article about what I’ve been doing lately but it’s something I really had to get out. Don’t complain about my honesty. Thank you. I’m sure you’ve all probably heard someone say […]